The troop has been actively serving Oakland since 1961. We are sponsored by the East Hills Community Church located at 12000 Campus Drive.

This Troop is operated by the Scouts – we provide a boy lead program
This Troop is for the Scouts
We encourage you to ask questions and find answers
We urge you to voice your opinion

Troop 305 provides opportunities to partner with you to develop your son. The troop has been a  chartered organization serving the Oakland Community since 1961. As of March 2009,
  • 43 troop members have earned and been awarded Eagle Scout
  • 153 troop members have earned and been awarded Life Scout
  • 60% boys in the troop have been elected into the Order of the Arrow

Some of the professions our boys have pursued as their career include:
Lawyer, Firefighter, Artist, Teacher, Engineer, Entertainer, Public Relations Executive, and Professor (just to name a few)


TUES: 7:30 - 9:00 PM
East Hills Community Church
1200 Campus Drive
Oakland, CA

Meetings are held weekly, each Tuesday night from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at East Hills Community Church. Boy leaders are required to be at the church no later than 7:15 pm to set up and prepare the room for the meeting. Occasionally, there is a short get together of the troop leadership after the regular troop meeting to evaluate and/or plan an activity. However these never last beyond 9:15 pm.

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